Monday, July 31, 2017

Be Your Own Best Pal: By Knowing the Power Within

                                                                                             Blog By  Rainy Sarmistha 

Be Your Own Best Pal: By Knowing the Power Within
We all have several strategies in life for managing the stress in life yields us. However, we all have power hidden us, to deal with these kind of situations-that is our brain. Now, am not saying everyone could deal with the life problems without taking any help from anybody! If you do not have more information, then seek for someone’s suggestions who know more than you do. This will help you to deal with the various life problems and can give you a peace of mind.

A Right Decision could Change Your Life
You are the best decision maker in your life. The best way to get a way out of any kinds of adverse situation is a correct decision at the right time. The two greatest fears we possess seem to be – Failure and Rejection.
What is fear ?  Have you asked yourself lately? It is not the fear about losing anything; it is the fear of getting something in life. See beyond the thought process. For example: the height of the mountain is not the fear, but the actual fear is falling from the height. We have to find out the reason behind our fear and we will get the solution easily.

Develop Energy Thinking & Explore the Power
The gift of independent thinking process, which is positive, can conquer all the odds. If you are afraid of something, then be afraid of not thinking it. Think original thoughts and becomes more successful in life. You have the freedom to choose what you think. Accept the rejection, criticize of other people, and examine it for yourself. It is all about the belief system, if you think what you become, it will truly work for you. We all have power within and we need to understand it.

The Best Things in Life are Free

Love yourself and get everything in life. Any problems life presents us have reasons. By dealing with the situation, we become stronger day by day. However, this made us a good decision maker as well. We are our best friend and by seeing the despairs we will know the truth of life. Get the freedom from distress, fear, rejection just by not thinking about it, but by seeing it and finding the reason of it. So, that you can deal with it easily. Get more out of life.

Rainy Sarmistha hails from the temple city Orissa. She is a graduate of History Hons(Distinction), 3 years diploma in hotel management. She has pursued her career as an hotelier from Hyatt Regency Delhi for 7 years as Asst. Manager H/K. Her passion for writing brings her to the writing platform. Her various poems are published in esteemed anthology, e-magazine, world peace book internationally and nationally. 

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