Why Google picks Irrelevant Images ?

Why Google picks Irrelevant Images  ?
Has it ever happened that you searched for one image on Google and the results showed another thing? Well, some may relate to this while some may be against it. Recently Google has changed its algorithm for their image search due to which the users are facing a bit of a problem.

How does Google choose images ?

Just like other search engines even Google uses a specialized algorithm to provide the aptest image search results. By keeping certain specifics about their algorithm a secret they ensure that they have an edge over their competitors and that no one steals their algorithm. They use some automated programmed to run such algorithm like the spider, crawler and much more. The most important aspect of image search results is the keywords. Google has a list of keywords which when typed gives results which match those key words. What sets Google apart from its competitors is that it uses a specialized algorithm called 'Page Rank' which ranks the results in an order of relevancy.

Why do we get irrelevant results  ?

Example of irrelevant results on Google
We have trusted Google results for more than two decades now. Then why suddenly are people complaining of getting irrelevant results? There has been a change in the algorithm of Google's search engine due to which certain sites have been penalized and are now moving back. Also, some web users have come together to create fake news on the internet and make it appear on Google. Such fake news makes users think they are getting irrelevant results. This fake news issue started during the 2016 presidential elections when the search results for "final vote" was inaccurate news hosted by the WordPress.

Google has always been criticized for the quality of its results. Due to the use of automated programmes and algorithms the search results are based on contextual relevance rather than accuracy because of which fake, inaccurate and misleading articles and images appear on the search result page.

Image result for google irrelevant resultshttps://storage.googleapis.com/cdn.vlogg.com/uploads/2013/10/GoogleSearchResultsUserFeedback.pngHow to give feedback on Google
Image result for google irrelevant resultshttps://storage.googleapis.com/cdn.vlogg.com/uploads/2013/10/GoogleSearchResultsUserFeedback.pngWhat Google would appreciate is us users giving feedback to them with specifics of the search result which went wrong. This way they will know what exactly is wrong and can fix it. For Google users, views matter the most and they take such feedbacks seriously and work on them so one's effort won't be wasted. To send a feedback all on needs to do is scroll to the bottom of the search page, click on send feedback and submit the form.


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