Register and List Your Aviation Organization

AirCrews Aviation P Ltd Invites you to Register and List Your Aviation Organization 

AirCrews Aviation P Ltd is Newly Establish Low Cost No Frill Win Win Best Asian  Aviation KPO and Aviation Link Building Company. AirCrews Aviation P Ltd is headed By Pilots and other Aviation Professionals.  AirCrews Aviation P Ltd is the 1st Aviation Start-Up in Asia of its own kind. 

Services :

Air Charters
Pilot Training
Aviation HR
Aviation Apps
Aviation Books
Aviation Blogs
Aviation Lead Generation
Aviation Link Building
Aviation Expo
Aviation B2B
Aviation B2C
Aviation SEO / SMM

AirCrews Aviation P Ltd - The AirCrews Aviation P Ltd  Aviation Training and Education Division is a User-Friendly and very Cost Effective Effective Online Training and Education Apps and Blog for Aviation Professional and Aviation Student  looking for Aviation Training and Aviation  Educational Opportunity at the Local, Regional, or  International Level. These Apps and Blogs  Offers a Comprehensive List of Aviation Training Centres and  Aviation Educational Institutions, allowing visitors to freely browse through the App and Blog to obtain detailed information on Training and Education providers as well as their Programmes and Courses.
AirCrews Aviation P Ltd also provides Aviation Training Centres and Educational  Institutions with Global visibility and marketing Opportunities, enabling them to  reach the Aviation Community and , Training and Education Partners from AirCrews Aviation P Ltd's  Member States, as well asperspective students. The  AirCrews Aviation P Ltd platform will be linked to AirCrews Aviation P Ltd’s  Training Apps and Blog Tools.  [Coming Soon

New State of the Art  Search Feature are being  Developing and Implementing soon on Real Time and  Ongoing basis to help Aviation Professionals and future Aviation Students Identify Training  and Educational Programmes catered to their Professional Development needs  and Career path.

AirCrews Aviation P Ltd encourages all approved Training Organizations as well as Educational institutions around the world to partake in this Online Endeavour to connect with the Global Aviation Training and Education Community.

AirCrews Aviation Invites you to Register and List Your Aviation Organization : 

In an effort to provide the International Aviation Community with a Comprehensive  App and Blog Directory of Approved Training Organizations and  Aviation  Education Institutions, AirCrews Aviation P Ltd Invites you to Register and List Your Aviation Organization as a Training and Educational Institution on this App  and Blog based  Platform. 

Aviation Organization :

-Air Charters, 
-Pilot Training, 
-Aviation HR
-Aviation Apps
-Aviation Books
-Aviation Blogs
-Aviation Lead Generation
-Aviation Link Building
-Aviation Expo
-Aviation B2B
-Aviation B2C
-Aviation SEO / SMM

Reply us with your eMail Id and WhatsApp No to know, How to register in the  AirCrews Aviation P Ltd Aviation Training and Education. 

AirCrews Aviation P Ltd  Pilot Training Programme   [Coming Soon

AirCrews Aviation P Ltd Trains Pilot Candidates on a modern Training fleet of Cessna, DA 40, DA 42, PA 34. Candidates are offered 12- Months  basic  Commercial Pilot Training Programs  which comprises of ground School courses  which are in  accordance to instructions as laid out by the Directorate  General of Civil Aviation [DGCA] and International Civil  Aviation Organization [AirCrews  Aviation P Ltd].


10+2 / HSC / GCE ‘A’ Level [or equivalent with Maths and Physics].

17 Years [should have completed 18 years for issue of D.G.C.A. Licence]
Class I Medical Fitness Examination approved by D.G.C.A. recognized Doctors.

        Air Regulation
        Air Navigation
        Technical General
        Technical Specific
        Radio Telephony

Ground Classes conducted by D.G.C.A. Approved,  Qualified Instructors 

Appointed specifically for subjects.

200 hours Flight Training – Dual & Solo on Single
Engine Aircraft, Dual & Solo cross country flight & night
Flying also includes Instrument Rating. 12 Months

How to Join us : 

1. Please send a Copy of voter ID Card, Driving License, Passport, Aadhar, Insurance Policy, Telephone Bills or Bank passbook can be furnished as address proof. 
2. Applicants shall submit a photo-identity Card for ascertaining the identity  of the applicant. Copy of voters ID Card or Driving License or Passport or Income Tax PAN Card or Aadhar can be submitted as proof of identity.
3. Non Refundable Deposit Rs 10,000 Per Year.


AC         :  AirCrews  Aviation  Pvt  Ltd
AC NO      :  918020037237714
IFSC       :  UTIB0001681
PAN        :  AAQCA9267L

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  • Cabin Crew Career Guide, Path to Success
    by Pragati Srivastava and Capt. Shekhar Gupta
  • Cabin Crew Career Guide

    Cabin Crew Career Guide

    by Pragati Srivastava Air Hostess and Capt Shekhar Gupta Pilot

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