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Smart Bloggers Motivational Bloggers
Blogger /  Content Writer

Age : 21 to 35 Years
Exp : Freshers Only is a App and Blog based Start-Up of AirCrews  Aviation  Pvt  Ltd is  
Looking for New and Fresh, Smart, Creative, Innovative and Tech Savvy Graduate Females 
who wants to share their Knowledge As Blogger /  Content Writer / Counselor in Your Own 
City. Your Blogs will be followed by different Pilots /  Students and Youth mostly. This 

will help Students to choose their Career so that they can be Great Doctors, Great 

Engineers, Great Pilots and other Great Professionals Tomorrow.

Projects Theme Description : :::

#Work From Home
#Best Out of Waste
#Go Green
#Self Help
#Low Cost No Frill
#Recession Proof
#Smart Moms 
#Think Out of the Box

Work From Home Ideal For :::
#Cabin Crew [ Air Hostess ]
#Career Counselors
#Doctors / Dentists
#Smart Moms 
#Who can Think Out of the Box

.... And Many More

Ideal Industery for Work From Home  ::::
#Corporate Services
#Development [ Apps / Blogs]

Skills Needed for  Work From Home : 

• Good Communication Skills 
• Flexible, Can Think Out of the Box
• Creative, Innovative
• Possess the Zeal to Learn Blog Based Work from Home
• Confidence, Smart-Working
• A Good Team Player with a Willingness to Work in an Online Team

Women have always been multi talented, multi faceted and multi tasked.Though the world 

delayed in accepting HER calibers, She excelled in every aspect of life.  However at a 

certain point of time Women need to sit and relax,  pamper themselves and enjoy the life 

around them. Most of the Women after pursuing their dream education and career take a 

break to look after their Families. Being Mothers Women wish to spend some quality time 

with their kids .But at the same time they want to cater to their intellectual needs as 

well. .To balance between a 'Mom oriented' Family and self oriented career Women choose 

to Work at home. This facilitates Women to Work according to their time without being 

over stressed and earn a handsome income. New generation Women are all tech savvy.  They 

spend most of their time in social Media. So it's a wise thought to turn this passtime to 

a Money time. Women feel really confident and empowered through utilizing their 

potentials. They can indeed be called "smart Moms". 

Most people start out of a Passion and then at some point either give up, turn it into a 

Business or continue as a small side passion project. The 3 options are valid and whether 

you take a path or another depends on your interests, your Career Progress and Ambition 

and your skills. The Business plan was key to understanding how much I needed without any 

sacrifices and how much I could make. An average Bloggers Earn nothing. To Earn Money 

from a Blog you need to be outstanding, not average. You need to run it as a Business, 

have a plan, a strategy and a narrow focus market. You need to promote the Blog like a 

crazy travel Blogger and you need to market it as though it were a product in its own 

right. Then you can Earn Money from it - and those who do can Earn millions. But most 

Blogs on the web are dormant because their owners dreaMed of millions but received 


Looking for 100 Smart Moms To Super Boss from India to Abroad 
Are You a Smart Mom who has Quit 9-6 Jobs Just for Your lovely  Kids ?
Are you an Ex-Corporate or currently Working ?

Apply Only If You can Think Out of the Box 

There is a Great Opportunity for You all who wish to

** Committed to Work Online for Minimum 3-5 Hours daily.
** Work from Home / Anywhere  Online on PC / Laptop
** Work of Your Choice Only
** Utilize your Spare Time Effectively 
** Have a Handsome Income  [Sharing with us ] 
** Android App Based Works  [ Need to download all our Apps] 
** iOS App based Works will be added soon
** Keen to lEarn Online Android App and Blog Based Businesses
** Ready to LEarn Something very different kind of Think out of the Box Work 
** You can also Join Our 60 Odd Start-Ups.
** Must have Own PC / Laptop and 4G Android Mobile. 

Now its time to Step into your own Work From Home as a Blogger / Content Writer / 

Counselor in Your Own City

Your Job :

Send us Your

1. Full Name-----------------

2. Date of Birth----------------

3. City / Nationality-------------------

4. Sex --------------

5. Age --------------

6. Expected Daily Time -------------------- 

7. Email        : 

8. WhatsApp : 

9. Linkedin  : 

10. Education : 

11. Send us  a Sample Blog on following Topic

Crisis at Jet Airways Ltd Worsens now,  Jet Airways India Limited must Be Ready for A 

Bigger Crisis then Kingfisher Airline Ltd

Keywords ::


Read Ref :

12 Send us  a Sample Blog on following Topic

Motivation for Youth in Global Recession

Keywords ::


Read Ref :

13. Bio in 3rd Person Form.

  eMail ::

Company  :  AirCrews  Aviation  Pvt  Ltd
Start-Ups :  

Bio Samples : 

Resources : 
Team [ Guides] 

Team Members :

I then did extensive benchmarking on How travel Bloggers make Money and built a round up 

post with a ranking of how other Blogs made Money (in any industry). This help Bloggers 

focus and gave  ideas to test. There is a long list of Blogs making $100 - $200 but that 

is probably an achievable income. And that is enough to live in lots of places.

Think Out of the Box

Bigger Crisis then Kingfisher Airline Ltd


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